”The business delegation to Lusaka was without a doubt successful, when you view how extremely happy all the delegates were with the programme and execution, as well as the new business relations that were developed.”
– Henrik Cederin, Ambassador of Sweden to Zambia

We are happy to conclude that the business delegation to Zambia and Zimbabwe held during 16- 20 April was a great success. Ten delegates from large corporations including ABB, Scania, Voith, Swedfund, as well as smaller businesses including Watersprint, Safeman, Hand in Hand, Confidere and Okapi Finance, joined SSACC for a fruitful week of seminars, company visits and tailor-made programme including individual business meetings. More than 70 customised B2B meetings were arranged for the joining delegates, including meetings with small companies, corporations, NGOs and government agencies. Thanks to the Swedish Embassies and SSACC’s partner organisations in Zambia and Zimbabwe, the programme suited the wishes and needs of all joining delegates. Some remarks from the delegates include:

“SSACC demonstrated that they had a broad network in Zimbabwe, something that should be used and which can complement Business Sweden’s efforts in future promotional efforts. The Embassy is positive to a follow up delegation with the same format, preferably including visits to neighboring countries.
– Sofia Calltorp, Ambassador of Sweden to Zimbabwe

“SSAC has a unique network with key persons in the southern African business community. I recommend Swedish companies to participate in their business delegations.”
– Bengt Carlsson, Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“It would have taken us several months to gather the information and organise the meetings we got through participating in the SSACC delegation trip.”
– Stefan Borsos, Sales Director, Voith

“All B2B meetings were spot-on and well worth the price of the delegation.”
– Gisele Mwepu, Founder and CEO, Okapi Finance

“From Swedfund’s perspective SSACC is an important partner to find interesting investment opportunities in both Sweden and Southern Africa.”
– Anders Craft, Senior Investment Manager, Swedfund

We are currently in full progress in planning our next business delegation trip to Tanzania 8-12 October, and hope that you will join us. For more information please see JOIN SSACC TO TANZANIA