Dear SSACC members, partners and friends,

As the year is coming to an end, I take the opportunity to reflect on the SSACC-journey so far. Our upcoming AGM marks the celebration of  SSACC’s  5 year anniversary, and I am proud to note how far we have come.

When I joined SSACC almost 5 years ago, the organization had no vision, no mission, no values, no strategy, no activities…and most importantly, NO MEMBERS.

It was painful but necessary to transform the organization, and I am extremely happy and proud of our Team, our MEMBERS and our achievements.

Today we know who we are, what we do and whyWe have very qualified members of our  Executive Board, who are there for the right reason. All SADC Embassies in Sweden see us as #1 partner in promoting business relations between Sweden and their country.

We are a member of Team Sweden and have been recognized as an important and relevant complement to Business Sweden. We have formalised our collaboration with more than 20 important stakeholders in the 15 SADC-countries, as well as with a number of key stakeholders in Sweden. And, most importantly, we members are find us relevant, and confirm that  we have helped them to reach their goals in doing business in Southern Africa

2018 was indeed a milestone, the year when we organised business delegations to THREE SADC countries; Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania (read more). Thanks to our great partnerships with local business partners in Africa, as well as with the Swedish and African Governments, the business delegations became a great success, attracted great media coverage, and brought around several business deals. We have received several requests from members and above mentioned partners to organise delegation trips to other African countries and look forward to making it happen!

In conclusion, I look forward to 2019, bringing SSACC to the next level and increasing membership-value even further. I hope to see you all at our AGM on 21 February, you will soon receive a separate invitation for the AGM)

If you are interested in being part of SSACC’s success story, please let us know. There are numerous ways to participate, as a corporate Members, a Board Member, a Partner, as Sponsor,  or in a way we did not yet think about…but perhaps you did?


Åsa Jarskog, President SSACC