As a member of SSACC you are our most important and priority stakeholder, with unique advantages SSACC makes it easier for your business to make profitable business decisions within Southern Africa through excellent business contacts, branch- and country-specific information and expert advice. We listen to what challenges your company has to develop new gains from easier trade with the region.

As a member of SSACC you get:

  • Access to our network of companies and organizations, strategic contacts within the business community, local authorities and decision makers in Southern Africa, trade delegations and Africa-related networks
  • Use of our cooperation with business organizations in Southern Africa that facilitates quick easy contact with key people in various industries in the region
  • Information on new developments, investment and trade opportunities, trends, rules and regulations in the region that affect your business through our website and our mailings.
  • Knowledge and contacts exchange through conferences, seminars, workshops and expert meetings both in Sweden and Southern Africa
  • Expertise advice and assistance with trade and investment issues through access to our network of consultants, both in Sweden and in Southern Africa.

Annual contributions (service fee deductible):

  • Small Businesses (1-10 employees) SEK 1000
  • Medium-sized Businesses (10-1000 employees) SEK 5000
  • Large Businesses (1000+ employees) 10,000 SEK

If you would like to become a member fill in form below. For any enquiries email

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